In the year 1991 Beat Strupler set up his own business – the company PBT AG. Thanks to revolutionary developments in new profile bending machines, the company soon became market leader. Due to our high commitment and immediate support of our customers, the machines are being
used successfully in every day operation in over 60 countries world wide.

The company philosophy is clear-cut: close team-work with the customer, solving his individual bending problems. Working out such high-quality concepts for our customers is part of our philosophy. Significant investments in time and money are continually being put into research and development of new machines and better control systems in order to guarantee excellent quality work for our customers.

With many years of experience in manufacturing profile bending and rolling machines with efficient control systems, we are in position to convert or adapt machines to the individual requirements of our customers.


Don’t copy – Improve it!

That is our rule. We become familiar with the needs of the customers and it is our goal to fulfil the customers wishes and requirements. Therefore we do not have to adapt to current competition on the bending market. We continuously advance into new dimensions and therefore actively influence the market. We consequently help to attain results that for some time have been thought of not been attainable.

Take advantage of our experience and our know-how! Your personal bending problems can be solved with one of our powerful control systems. Furthermore, we manufacture any special tools for your machine. Our standard- and special tools are hardened and long lasting.

If you are attempting to buy a profile bending and rolling machine, we will take the time it needs to show you our machines and to help you make a good choice. The advice and assistance comes from qualified and competent engineers in our company.
We trust that a first-hand view of our machines will strengthen your faith in our products.

A first-class after sales support is guaranteed. With expert advice we are in the position to help you to solve even very complex bending problems. Our team of skilled and experienced engineers is there for you at any time. Being pioneers in the bending field, we introduce machines that are successfully operated in many trades. Our machines are well-known for their precision and reliability.

The training and commissioning in our works is included in the price.

We wish you a successful future in the world of
bending techniques!