Profile bending machine BENDO®

BENDO profile bending machine

Technology and efficiency

The new profile bending machine BENDO® stands without equal. Its efficiency and the new technology make it outstanding in performance and reliability. This machine was especially designed for industries. The advantages of the BENDO® are many. The option to change the tool holding fixture from Ø 65 mm to Ø 105 mm is significant. This option can be obtained also subsequent to the purchase of the standard machine.


Control systems




  • Contnuously adjustable front roll distance:
    min. 280 mm – this enable the achievement of smallest radii with perfect transitions!
  • All 3 rollers rollers driven by powerful, quiet and clean electrical motors up to 24 rpm
  • Roller support/lunette of all 3 rollers as standard equipment at no extra charge!
  • Bending direction away from the operator (low accident risk)
  • Ergonomic working
  • Powerful  control systems
  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio
  • Consultation, training and commissioning in our works included in the price
  • Swiss Quality
  • Low running costs


Trades & industries

Automobile, materials handling technology, metalwork, structural steel engineering, etc.


Technical Details

Power x-axis 20 t
All 3 rollers driven individually: continuous speed 0 – 24 rpm
Front roller adjustable 280–860 mm
Tool holding fixture Ø 65 mm
Tool holding fixture optional Ø 105 mm
X-axis travel 260 mm
Roller electrically driven 3 x 1.1 kW
Power supply 400 V, 16 A
Hydraulic drive x-axis 3 kW
Accuracy and positioning x-axis 1/100 mm
Length 1340 mm
Width 1330 mm
Height 1350 mm
Weight 1050 kg


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